Century CPQ was developed to the challenge of time-consuming quote creation and facilitates the process of product bundling, pricing, and discount estimation.

It assists with error-free price quote creation, which accelerates the sales cycle and responsiveness. Our CPQ application provides sales and customer representative teams with comprehensive guided selling features, enhanced with AI for better product recommendations to meet specific customer needs.

Century CPQ enables cross-departmental collaboration and sharing of best practices to increase effectiveness, producing favorable results in customer experience and retention.

Fast and targeted communication with customers

Provides the sales team with accurate account information and the ability to automatically trigger approval workflows, resulting in a faster sales response, excellent customer experience, and sales churn reduction.

Control margins, predict revenues

Illuminate the quote configuration process providing absolute visibility of every deal aspect. Enables effective sales measurements and accelerates the decision-making process.

Design reports and rank products, processes and teams

Genuine personalization

Century CPQ offers team-wide support through providing best practices for product and sales lifecycles. Ultimately, delivering personalized experience for both business-users and end-customers.

The Power of AI

Implemented Artificial Intelligence enables predictable analysis and a digital working environment which drives employee efficiency by eliminating manual swivel-chair processes and spreadsheets while delivering accurate analytics enabling data-driven decisions.

Guided Selling

Advanced algorithms and methodologies for defining guided selling attributes and selection of the right product range for a specific target customer.

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